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Learn More About CEREC®, the Latest in Dental Equipment in Manteca, CA

You’re nearly finished with your dental procedure, only to be told that you’ll need to come back in a few weeks for your crown. But what if you could receive your crown the same day?

With CEREC® technology, a same-day crown is possible.

Valley Oak Dental Group reduces your waiting time by making your new ceramic restorations in house. If you’ve never heard of a CEREC® crown, our Manteca, CA staff provides the information you need before your next appointment.


CEREC® stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” Simply put, a CEREC® milling machine allows our dental professionals to create dental restorations (such as veneers, onlays, and crowns) on the premises instead of in a dental lab.

With CEREC®, you can:
  • Receive same-day crowns (no temporary crowns needed)
  • Enjoy minimally invasive, quality ceramic restorations
  • Experience less discomfort and fewer injections
  • Save more of your natural tooth
  • Reduce your costs
  • Schedule fewer appointments
  • Count on durable, biocompatible restorations

How We Create Your CEREC® Crown at Our Manteca, CA Office

New patients visit us because they want same-day dental restorations. Not all dental offices offer this option, but if you live in Stockton, Tracy, Lathrop, Modesto, or right here in Manteca, CA, our CEREC® crown technology is available for you at your next appointment.

The process works through a CAD/CAM-enabled system. This system allows us to photograph your tooth in 3D. Using a special camera, the dentist examines your tooth from every angle and enters details into a computer. The milling device uses these details about your tooth to create a custom crown, veneer, or onlay.

Before we mill the crown, we prepare your tooth and ensure that it is free from decay. Once the crown is finished, your dentist will check the fit. If the crown needs further adjustment, we lightly polish or grind the surface to ensure a perfect fit. Only then do we cement the crown in place.

Take advantage of CEREC® technology today by making an appointment at Valley Oak Dental Group!