Restore Your Teeth with Dental Implants in Manteca, CA

Also Serving the French Camp & Ripon, CA, Areas

When you smile, do you feel self-conscious because of missing teeth?

If so, why wait any longer for dental implants? From Ripon to Tracy or Modesto, more people than ever choose implants to fill in the gaps where teeth used to be.

Considering Dental Implants? Learn the Benefits

No matter where you live in San Joaquin County, you have access to a long-term solution at Valley Oak Dental Group. Patients rely on our dental professionals for implants that:

  • Anchor firmly into the jaw
  • Safely replace missing teeth
  • Correct shifting teeth and bite/alignment
  • Improve speech, articulation, chewing, and even digestion
  • Offer support to adjacent dentures or bridges
  • Enhance facial appearance and muscle tone
  • Restore confidence and a natural smile

Understand the Process

Before you receive dental implants, your dentist takes x-rays and custom impressions of your mouth. If you are a good candidate for implant surgery, our office will set up appointments for each step of the process.

Implants are fashioned from strong metal (generally titanium) that attaches to and preserves healthy jaw bone. Your dentist places the implant into the bone and lets it integrate into the bone for about six months. Once the implant fits securely into the jaw, your dentist attaches artificial teeth to cover metal posts.

Because each surgical placement requires time to heal, your dentist will monitor your progress closely at each step of the process.

Call for an Appointment

Improving your smile is our priority, and we consider every detail during the implant process. If you’ve put up with missing teeth for too long, take charge of your oral health today and consider the benefits of dental implants in Tracy, CA or surrounding areas throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

At Valley Oak Dental Group, we give you many reasons to smile. Make an appointment by calling 209.823.9341 today!