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Get Tailored Dentures to Fit Your Smile in French Camp, CA

Do your missing teeth leave a gap in your mouth that makes you feel self-conscious? Do you struggle to eat and drink without a full set of teeth?

People lose teeth for all kinds of reasons—age, accident, and illness are just a few. Dentures are a great solution for missing teeth. When you need dentures in the Manteca, CA area, choose Valley Oak Dental Group Inc. We can give you the quality denture design and compassionate dental care you deserve.

Custom-Made Dentures

Dentures do more than make your smile complete and attractive—they also protect your gums, make it easier for you to eat, and even help you avoid indigestion. And unlike dental implants, which are inserted into your jaw bone surgically, dentures are easy to remove and are less expensive.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures are created to fit your mouth and serve as a full set of teeth. Partial dentures replace just a few teeth and are held by a subtle metal framework. Partial dentures are cemented into place, so they help hold other teeth in place while filling the gap made by missing teeth.

Your dentist will create your dentures after making careful impressions of your mouth. After a few weeks with your new dentures, your mouth will be completely used to the feel of the dentures, and you—and others—won’t notice them at all.

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Our fantastic team of dentists and dental staff have years of combined experience. We are committed to providing custom-made dental solutions for our friends and neighbors in Manteca, Lathrop, French Camp, Salida and surrounding areas. We want you to enjoy a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

Give us a call today to schedule your denture consultation. We’ll create comfortable, natural-looking dentures that are perfect for you. Call 209.823.9341 or fill out our query form to the right. We at the Valley Oak Dental Group Inc. denture clinic look forward to serving you soon.