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Learn our Insurance Policy for Your Dental Visit in Manteca, CA

The dentists and staff at Valley Oak Dental Group want to help you understand dental insurance. We’re honored to offer you dental care and want you to know how you can get the most from your dental insurance policy.

Your Dental Insurance Policy

Your employer may provide a dental plan, which allows you to be compensated by an insurance company when you receive dental care. The dental care plan outlines how much reimbursement you’ll receive.

Your employer and insurance provider work together to create a contract that protects you in the case of dental emergencies; it can also help you receive a generous reimbursement for routine dental care. The details are outlined in your insurance policy.

Either you or your employer pays a premium each month so that you can receive compensation for your dental care. Generally, the higher the premium, the more compensation you can receive.

How We Can Help

Our office does not set the terms of your dental insurance policy, which are determined by your employer and the insurance coverage company. However, we will help you in every way we can so you receive the compensation outlined in your policy.

We offer the following services for your convenience and benefit:

  • Help process your insurance claims
  • Provide your insurance company with copies of dental X-rays
  • Send written diagnostic reports to your insurance company

Dental insurance can involve a mountain of paperwork, as all parties need to be satisfied that the care given was necessary and met standards of care. We’ll help you get the reimbursement you deserve and provide any service we can regarding your insurance.

Our Moral Obligation

At Valley Oak Dental Group, we’re committed to helping Manteca, CA patients receive the best dental care possible—regardless of your insurance coverage.

Each of our dentists has signed the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, which is the equivalent of a medical doctor’s Hippocratic Oath. They have given their word that they will do everything within their power to protect and promote their patients’ health.

Restrictions created by a dental insurance policy do not affect the treatment that our dentists will administer, nor will the fact that a patient does not have dental insurance influence a treatment plan.

We consider it our moral obligation to our patients and to our community to do everything we can to help our patients. We would never violate that obligation.


If you have any questions or concerns, give our Manteca, CA office a call today at 209.823.9341. One of our knowledgeable office staff would love to help.