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Mouth Guards for Young Athletes

There are all kinds of injuries kids can experience from playing sports, but they can usually avoid anything serious by wearing the right protective gear. Teeth are no exception. Getting a sports mouth guard from your dentist is a good way to make sure your child’s mouth stays protected when he or she is playing competitive sports.

Although custom fit mouth guards from the dentist’s office are generally more expensive than those from the drugstore, they will better protect your child’s teeth and avoid any serious injuries to his or her teeth and jaw. If you live in Manteca or Lathrop, CA, visit Valley Oak Dental Group Inc. to learn more about your custom mouth guard options.

The Best Protection for Their Mouths

Most sports mouth guards just protect the upper teeth, but if your child has braces, fillings, crowns, or any other kind of dental work, the dentist might also prescribe something to protect their lower teeth as well. Having to get dental work re-done because your child wasn’t protecting himself or herself is probably the last thing you will want to have to deal with.

If you choose to come to Valley Oak Dental Group in Manteca, CA, one of our many qualified dentists can examine your child’s teeth and determine what the best protection will be based on his or her oral health and which sport he or she plays. We will also make sure it is perfectly fitted to your child’s mouth so his or her athletic performance isn’t hindered.  

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If you have a child that plays a competitive sport, contact Valley Oak Dental Croup Inc. to ask about a custom fit mouth guard. We have a group of qualified dentists waiting to help you make sure his or her mouth is protected. Call (209) 823-9341 to schedule an appointment.