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4 Cosmetic Dental Options Ideal for On-Camera Smiles

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With an increase of digital meetings and workers who stay at home, people are finding themselves on digital calls more than ever. As you face appears close-up on a webcam, you may want changes to your smile. The cosmetic changes will help add confidence and allow you to repair some elements of your teeth that have changed over the years. Read on to learn about cosmetic dental procedures.

  1. Teeth Whitening

One of the basic treatments for your teeth is a teeth whitening. When your face is on a webcam, the color of the teeth is instantly noticeable. A boost in whiteness will give your smile a bright look. While whitening kits are available for home use, a dental appointment provides brighter shades and full coverage of your mouth.

A dentist uses a light-activated gel kit to brighten your smile. The gel is placed in the mouth for 15 minutes at a time. The whitening processes helps with a number of discoloration issues. For example, coffee and tea could stain teeth. Genetic issues also lead to faded tooth colors.

An in-office whitening works with multiple types of teeth and gives you a bright smile which lasts for several months. Whenever you’re doing live feeds or video meetings, you can talk and smile without worrying about the focus on your teeth.

  1. Dental Implants

If you have any missing teeth, dental implant procedures will help fill the gap to your mouth and restore a full smile. The dental implant process is completed through multiple appointments. The first appointment will include scans of your mouth. Through the scans, a dentist will have the proper size and measurements needed for the implant.

The next appointment will place the anchor in jaw. The root of the implant is placed directly in the jawbone so the implant feels and moves like an actual tooth. The third appointment includes the tooth installation. Once healed, your tooth and mouth will act as normal. The implant will feature colors to match your current teeth so the tooth blends in.

If you have larger sections of your mouth with missing teeth, consider a dental bridge. A bridge consists of two or more fabricated teeth. For example, if you are missing multiple bottom teeth, a dental implant will replace the teeth in a single section. The permanent installation of a dental bridge allows your smile to feel natural and like real teeth.

If you have gaps with a tooth still in place, the remaining tooth could act as an anchor for the bridge. The tooth may have a crown placed over the top for extra strength and support on the bridge. Unlike implants where an anchor point is attached to the jaw, the bridge is cemented right on the gums.

  1. Veneers

While dental implants provide full tooth replacement, veneers can fix chipped or broken teeth. A veneer is porcelain piece placed on the exterior of your tooth. The veneer has the strength to protect the tooth and provide comfort inside your mouth.

A veneer is custom-shaped to match the other teeth in your mouth. If you chipped a corner off the tooth, the veneer will cover the whole tooth. Along with chipped and broken teeth, a veneer fills gaps in your mouth by expanding the sides of teeth so the smile looks even.

The veneer installation is typically painless and completed in less than an hour. If you want more than one veneer, then the process could take longer and require multiple appointments beyond the initial consultation.

  1. Restorations

If you seek out multiple changes within the same process, consider a dental restoration. A dentist will complete a full exam of your mouth and determine the restoration process. For example, a dentist could fill a tooth which has small chips in them.

A restoration process may also include crowns to go over teeth. Crowns an alternative option beyond an implant or veneer. The crown will cover the tooth completely. While older crowns were fabricated with metal, newer composite crowns come in more natural colors to blend your teeth in.

For a faster and less permanent change to your smile, you may consider dentures. When you use a web cam, you may wear the dentures and remove them when not needed. The dentures match the shape of your gums and are ideal for when a lot of teeth are missing.

For example, if you suffered from gum disease and lost a majority of your teeth, you may consider whole mouth dentures to replace your smile.

A consultation is the first step in any cosmetic procedure process. A dentist will complete a full oral exam and x-rays to determine what cosmetic options are best for your mouth.

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